When a law firm more than doubles in size in a year, it’s going to attract attention. When it continues its recruitment drive and is on track to double in size again by the end of 2019, it’s doing something right!

In July 2017, Millican Law, formerly Peter Millican Law, was a successful specialist law firm with four fee earners advising corporate clients. With word spreading, and new clients seeking out the firm, the Management Team put together a strategy for growth, one that saw them expand to nine fee earners by July 2018. The recruitment drive continues with plans to bring on board a Senior Associate, an Associate Solicitor and two Trainee Solicitors early in 2019, and more vacancies expected to be advertised later in the year.

To reflect the fact that the firm has developed a broader, stronger team, and is no longer completely focussed around the firm’s founder, Peter Millican, the decision was made recently to rebrand the name to Millican Law.


Millican Law is not only ‘getting it right’ with its clients, it’s also attracting – and keeping – high calibre staff who appreciate the firm’s ethos. Peter Millican, the firm’s founder, commented: “It’s important that our staff have the opportunity to forge their own careers, to take responsibility for bringing in and delivering work, and it’s just as important that they are then recognised for their achievements. This makes for a strong team who work together and support one another. We tap into one another’s areas of expertise to give our clients the best advice possible.

“And the clients appreciate it because not only do they stay with us, they recommend us too, and send their contacts our way. The fact that we are retained to act for six regional law firms in respect of the said firms’ personal work, speaks volumes for how Millican Law is viewed.”

Peter founded the firm in 2004 to allow corporate clients to tap into his wealth of legal expertise amassed working with Dickinson Dees and in Northern Rock plc’s Group Legal and Compliance team. As client numbers increased, Peter brought Rhaynor Garvin on board and together with the other team members, they have steered the company’s relocation to Newcastle and growth strategy.

Managing Partner Rhaynor Garvin is now overseeing the firm’s relocation into much needed, much larger, city centre offices in The Pearl on Northumberland Street. Her career path is a clear indicator of the opportunities within Millican Law, having joined Peter as a paralegal 12 years ago. She says: “We’re attracting some of the region’s best corporate lawyers because we offer them many of the benefits of working for a much bigger firm, but with a working environment that is friendly and supportive – and ambitious at the same time.

“Millican Law is firmly rooted in the North East. We love the place and the people, and we bring our North East values to everything we do. That means that we’re attracting clients from beyond this area, but our approach is always the same. We’re here to give our clients pragmatic advice, based on our combined experience and our collective strong moral core. Our clients trust us not just to know the law, but to apply that so that it is commercially appropriate to them.”

Millican Law’s team works for company owners, businesses, local authorities and the public sector, and has extensive experience in business sales; acquisitions; restructuring; management buy-outs; private equity; corporate finance and banking. It also specialises in core business contract documentation such as employment contracts; Director’s service agreements; partnership agreements; shareholder agreements, and terms of business as well as transactional commercial property; commercial property leases and landlord and tenant work.

Peter added: “The most important feedback comes from our clients and they regularly tell us what they value; that we’re personable, and reliable, that we understand the way their business works and will go above and beyond to meet their deadlines. When a client reviewed us saying we combine quality commercial advice with a strong sense of customer service, and fairly structured fixed fee pricing, we knew we were on the right track.”

Join our team 

Millican Law is always interested in hearing from experienced lawyers, or trainee solicitors who believe that they will work well within the firm’s specialist teams, and relish being given the freedom to drive forward their own career, build their own areas of practice and their own professional contact networks within the context of also developing the firm.

Specific roles being recruited for currently include two Trainee Solicitors who will be required to fit into the busy team from day one, working closely with fellow staff and with new and existing clients. Trainees will be part of a structured training programme designed to ensure their success in the shorter and longer term.

Millican Law is also recruiting an Associate Solicitor with experience in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and management buy-outs, and a Senior Associate to grow and develop the firm’s London Office. The right people will be key members of this growing team and will be supported to achieve their own full career potential.



We believe that every business needs a set of legal documents that set out how it operates, and to protect the business, its owners, and its employees.

We call this Business Protection.

As a minimum, there are seven legal documents that you should have in place. Yet very few businesses have the full set, and even if they do, they’re often out of date. Here’s the list – have a look down it, and ask yourself if you’ve got each of these documents, and if there have been any major changes in the business since they were drafted:Are you operating as a Sole Trader (and therefore personally liable for all the business’ debts), a Limited Liability Company, a Partnership (in which you’re also liable for the business debts run up by your business partners), a Limited Liability Partnership or one of the many different structures used by not-for-profit firms? Is the legal structure of your business still appropriate?No-one starts a business with the intention of falling out, but life has a habit of upsetting applecarts. Business partners find they want different things, people get divorced, and people die or suffer life-changing illnesses. Agreeing what will happen up front makes these problems a whole lot easier to resolve from the business perspective. This is a very important document for business owners. At their simplest, these document the rights, responsibilities and duties of the employees and directors. They don’t actually have to be in writing (but problems with verbal contracts can be expensive), though employees are entitled to a written statement of their main employment terms. This is the foundation of your contract with your customers. It defines the nature of the work, how much and when you’ll be paid, and can also be used to limit your liability. This last point is especially important for Sole Traders or Partnerships.You need this to make clear what your website is, and what it isn’t. Even if you don’t sell through your site, you still need to exclude yourself, other directors or staff from being bound by offers that seem to be made on the website.Leases can be full of pitfalls, exclusions, and commitments to make expensive repairs for which you can suddenly find yourself liable. Promise that you’ll NEVER EVER sign a lease without first getting it checked by a commercial lawyer, who explains in plain English what you’re committing to or advise against proceeing! [/icon_box][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][icon_box title=”Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights” icon=”awesome-book”]Whatever business you’re in, you trade on intellectual property. You need an appropriate level of protection for this, to make sure no-one else can trade on your hard work.[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Have a look down that list, and ask yourself if you’ve got each item covered.

If there are gaps, you do need to make a commitment to deal with them, to ensure you and your business are as protected as possible.

Bdaily Press Release .

We discuss our companies rapid growth and welcome our new team members Jabad Jaigirdar and Neal Molloy. We are still expanding and are currently recruiting for a solicitor specialising in general commercial law with additional experience in commercial property.

Check out the full article and please get in touch if you feel you are the ideal candidate. Contact US “This recruitment drive and office move is just the start for us. We are an ambitious firm, and as a subscriber to the Growth Accelerator Programme, we are aiming to quadruple our turnover in the next four years in Newcastle City Centre.”

With our new marketing strategy flowing full steam ahead, we thought we would get the team out of the office and whisked over to award winning photographer Dan Aziz for a professional photo shoot.

It’s been an exciting day and can’t wait to see the results. Watch this space.