Expo 2014 held at the Newcastle Falcons Stadium, Kingston Park on Wednesday 19th November 2014.

Peter Millican | Seminar: 1:30 – Seminar Arena 4

Peter Millican Law Team | Exhibiting at Stand B15 – Gold North Suite on Level 1.

Words from Peter Millican

In putting together the Seminar I have tried to give practical examples, and, hopefully, much food for thought when looking at whether your business, or your Client’s businesses, are at risk for lack of legal documentation. I will explore key areas of risk, and how pitfalls can be avoided or at the very least, minimised. I would invite you to think about any specific questions you may have as the Seminar will be fairly relaxed. I always find the more audience participation we get, with businesses sharing issues, the better it is for all attendees. All I ask is that you come with an open mind. Legal seminars do not have to be sleep-inducing!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and if you have a specific question in advance of the Seminar (or after it) we are also exhibiting at Stand B15 – Gold North Suite on Level 1.

I hope you enjoy the Seminar and I hope you enjoy the day overall. See you tomorrow”

Image credits to EXPO North East 2014.