With our new marketing strategy flowing full steam ahead, we thought we would get the team out of the office and whisked over to award winning photographer Dan Aziz for a professional photo shoot.

It’s been an exciting day and can’t wait to see the results. Watch this space.

Expo 2014 held at the Newcastle Falcons Stadium, Kingston Park on Wednesday 19th November 2014.

Peter Millican | Seminar: 1:30 – Seminar Arena 4

Peter Millican Law Team | Exhibiting at Stand B15 – Gold North Suite on Level 1.

Words from Peter Millican

In putting together the Seminar I have tried to give practical examples, and, hopefully, much food for thought when looking at whether your business, or your Client’s businesses, are at risk for lack of legal documentation. I will explore key areas of risk, and how pitfalls can be avoided or at the very least, minimised. I would invite you to think about any specific questions you may have as the Seminar will be fairly relaxed. I always find the more audience participation we get, with businesses sharing issues, the better it is for all attendees. All I ask is that you come with an open mind. Legal seminars do not have to be sleep-inducing!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and if you have a specific question in advance of the Seminar (or after it) we are also exhibiting at Stand B15 – Gold North Suite on Level 1.

I hope you enjoy the Seminar and I hope you enjoy the day overall. See you tomorrow”

Image credits to EXPO North East 2014.